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Kalaimagal Home Care
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Our Special Care Services

Caring is an Art

     We provide coordinated and friendly home nursing services to In-home living individuals. to recover from any kind of illness, allowing them to stay in their familiar living residence with their family. We provide highly expert nurses and home care servants to take care of. They will take care of the family’s needs with 100% dedication.

Home Nursing Service

We are highly capable of providing experienced home care experts to take care of the elders in their comfortable homes with respect and love. With our decade of home nursing services, today Kalaimagal Home Care is the Top Leading company with 550+ staff members, and more than 6000 patients are cured with the help of our In-home caregivers.

Home Cook Service

We have plenty of expert domestic cooks to make your every meal delicious. Varieties of cuisine cooks are available to choose from based on your taste. And our support staff members will understand your requirements and give you the most transparent details. Whatever your needs, We have the best team to fulfill your requirements very fast. Also, we will provide the replacements.

Baby Care Service

Our infant and baby care service is operated by excellent child care experts. They always are with the children and play with toys, also baby care members help the child to read books. We follow parent’s guidance and instructions for food routine and napkins. We mainly focus client’s satisfaction to the level of independence.

Old Age Care Service

Looking for Senior care or Old Age Care Services in Coimbatore to care your parents.? You are in the right place. Kalaimagal Home Care is the reliable and passianate senior care service provider in Coimbatore. We have customized elder care service based on your home’s need. We have long duration and short duration caregivers, patient care, emergency care,  daily attendee options and more. 

Patient Care Service

We have the best and most experienced staff for post-operative care and other types of patient care services in Coimbatore. We also provide nurse at home, doctor at home and even ambulance services for your emergency situations. Our caregivers will take care of the doctor prescribed medication, reporting to the doctor and family members. The Post-surgical care is very important when the patient needs help. It’s for food, domestic needs and personal assistance.

Home Maid Service

Are you looking to save your time on doing time consuming house cleaning, vessel washing, cooking and more housekeeping works.? We provide the best home maid services in Coimbatore to make efficient on your time. We hope, our services will definitely satisfy your needs. Instead of ordering food from outside, make hygienic food in your own kitchen. This will helps to maintain your health aspects.